See Vision Velocity in Mexicali, Mexico

Improve your ministry SPEED and DIRECTION when you experience Mexico Outreach! Learn more about what we do in Mexicali and Ensenada, Mexico. Click on the "Learn More" button below!

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Church or School Groups: Book and Register Here. Event Staff: Individuals 18 and older, or families, may sign up here for event staff. University Students: Thanksgiving break, Spring Break, and weekends are available.

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Donate for a Student to Go

Each year there are students who have a desire to serve, and unfortunately, aren’t able to participate due to finances. Your donations help these students go on an outreach to Mexico. Please consider giving a student a chance to serve.

$375 is the cost per person for the Spring Break. We give out $35, $50, $75, $100 and up to full scholarships of $375, from the scholarship fund.

Donate here: “APU Student Scholarship Fund”