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Spring Early Bird Deadline is Feb. 17th!

Book your trip first with $300 non-refundable booking fee, if you haven’t already. Click here to book for Spring1, Spring2, Easter1, or Easter2. Learn about the Booking Fee details here.

Then, register your church or school group team members and pay IN FULL by February 17th, 2017, to get the $269 early bird rate! After February 17th, the price goes to $309. Click here to register for Spring1, Spring2, Easter1, or Easter2. Learn about the registration details here, and refund policy here.

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New Planning Materials Available for 2017!

Planning Materials Are all updated and LIVE!

We’ve updated our planning and training materials and included a NEW Training Guide to help you with ideas for training your team.

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Come Have Lunch With Us


The Mexico Outreach staff would like to have lunch with you!

Time: 11:30am to 1:30pm

October 18th, Berkeley, CA (for the bay area)

Catered food: from Ann’s Catering
Location: First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley
2407 Dana Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
Parking: free in church parking structure

October 19th, Rocklin, CA (for the Sacramento area)

Catered food: from Noodles & Co.
Location: Community Covenant Church
5140 Topaz Ave., Rocklin, CA 95677
Parking: free on site

October 20th, Clovis, CA (for the Fresno area)

Catered food: from Local catering
Location: New Hope Community Church
4620 E Ness Ave., Clovis, CA 93611
Parking: free on site

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2017 Passport process


What should you do with the passports of your team participants?

Each of your team participants should have an original passport or passport card.  Make sure your participants’ passports will be current while traveling in Mexico. Make a copy of each passport and travel with them as a backup just in case a team member has a passport lost or stolen while in Mexico. (We suggest copies be kept in a separate place from the passports.) What if a team member is not from the USA or Canada? Check the visa page to see whether they need a visa.

For 2017, Mexico Outreach will NOT ask for a copy. As a courtesy, if you would like us to have copies as a backup, contact us as to your need and we will accommodate you.

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2017 Authorization for Use of Vehicle


What should you do with the Authorization for Use of Vehicle form?

If any of your vehicles are borrowed and the owner on title is not traveling with your group, it’s a good idea to have written permission from the owner. As a courtesy we send you a pdf version of the Authorization for Use of Vehicle form. Rental vehicles have a rental contract which serves as permission.

Keep the original in the vehicle as you travel. (Mexico Outreach doesn’t need to see these.)

Also, Don’t forget Mexican vehicle insurance is required in order to protect each vehicle you bring across the border.


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2017 Consent to Travel for Minors


What should you do with the Consent to Travel for Minors?

If any of your team participants will be under 18 on arrival day in Mexico and do not have at least one legal guardian with them, they should fill out a Consent to Travel form. Only ONE legal guardian or parent is required to sign. As a courtesy we send you a pdf version of the Consent to Travel form which is similar to what airlines use. Our version is bi-lingual. It’s not necessary to fill out the Spanish notary section.

Keep the original and travel with it during your trip. (Mexico Outreach doesn’t need to see these.)


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2017 Release of Liability


What should you do with the Release of Liability form?

Have each participant in your group fill out a Release of Liability form. Collect them and then send them to us.

  1. Send them via Mail OR send them via Fax to email to
  2. Bring all remaining originals with you to Mexico, those you still have in hand at departure.

Our mailing address:
Mexico Outreach
Center for Student Action
Azusa Pacific University
Attn: Annie Wong
901 E. Alosta Ave.
Azusa, CA 91702-7000


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2017 Explanation of Updates: Refund Policy

The Refund Policy: Full refunds before the deadline.

Up to “The Last Day for Refund” you can add or drop without penalty. After the deadline there is no refund. There will no longer be a non-refundable deposit per person. The last day for refund will still be 3 weeks before the event.

Exceptions Process

We are actively trying to not have any negative loss for any team in the registration process, especially due to unforeseen issues. There will be a new online petition page to deal with exceptions that happen after the deadline passes. If you need to petition for an exception go to

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2017 Explanation of Updates: Registration

The Early Bird Price has increased $10.

For many years we have kept the price the same. We will continue to do our best to continue that practice after this increase. Instead of raising the early bird price by $20, we increased it only $10, in order to add the group booking fee and an improved “full” refund policy on member registrations.  The regular rate has also increased $20.

The Registration Process.

Our goal is a shorter simpler process and less paperwork. All registration deadlines require payment in full and are separate of the original Booking fee. You can register your group members all at once, or register a few at a time as you have the money. Take advantage of the Early bird pricing.

Swapping Participants. (Great advice to avoid any loss of funds.)

We allow the swapping of participants up to arrival in Mexico. This is a way to avoid the loss of funds after the “Last Day for Refund.” If you have questions please contact Bob McCorkle at 626-422-9454.

Register Add-ons in Camp after the “Last Day for Refund”

We don’t want you to lose money just because someone begged to go within the last 3 weeks before the trip, only to turn around and say the day before the trip, “Mom said I have to stay home and do my homework…” So, bring any last minute add-ons to your team roster and register them in camp on arrival day.