Merry Christmas

from the staff at Azusa Pacific University’s Mexico Outreach.

We give honor to Jesus first, to obey Him with clear purpose. John 12:1-8
Honor: With the right heart we give honor to the Lord first and to others.
Care: With the right heart we give care to the Lord first and to others.
Intention: With the right heart we make intentional decisions to obey Jesus.
Purpose: With the right heart our purpose is clear, to care about what Christ cares about.

Full-Time Staff

Eduardo Irizarry

Coordinator, Recruitment and Event Operations

Eduardo travels and recuits for Mexico Outreach at youth pastor conventions, conferences, and with direct visits to church and school groups. If you'd like Eduardo to come present the ministry please contact him. He also oversees our event operations while in Mexico.

Bob McCorkle

Senior Coordinator Marketing and Publications

Bob designs and writes all the materials for Mexico Outreach, from theme designs to web pages. IF you have questions about safety in Mexico or our resources on the web please contact Bob.

Ron Aramburo

Assistant Director, Mexico Outreach

As the Assistant Director of Mexico Outreach, Ron works as a liaison between the U.S. churches, missionary contacts, and Mexican churches, as well as handling immigration matters in Mexico. He also oversees the student staff who take teams of APU students into Mexico each semester. He would love to help with any questions you may have regarding the trip and how to develop your ministry team.

Eddy Calderwood

Director, Mexico Outreach

As the Director of Mexico Outreach, Eddy oversees the department and implements new innovation for the ministry. He's working on our 5 year plan to innovate Mexico Outreach into the future. We have many new ideas we are praying about and you can contact Eddy if you'd like to support Mexico Outreach into the future.

Student Ministry Coordinators

Kezia Cunalata

Student Ministry Coordinator, Team Luke’s Health & Wellness Ministries

Ministry advisor to Luke Teams 1-3

Christinah Uppal

Student Ministry Coordinator, Community Service & Development

Ministry advisor to Team Stephen, Team Noah, Enactus

Krisnel Miraflor

Student Ministry Coordinator, Support Services: Mexico Outreach

Ministry advisor to Men’s Ministry Teams

Arica Ng

Student Ministry Coordinator, Team Luke’s Holistic Care Ministries

Ministry advisor to Team Luke Special Needs, Mental Health, and Adult Care

Tim Salyards

Student Ministry Coordinator, Strategic Alignment & Mobilization

Ministry advisor to Orphanage Teams

Ministry Coordinators

Amelia Rattan

Amelia is one of the founders of Mexico Outreach. We honor her for all her years of faithful service as missionary to Mexicali, Mexico. the Mexico Outreach staff calls her "La Reina" or "The Queen" in english. She helps out with ministry coordinators in Mexicali and from time to time comes to Ensenada for our summer events.

    Happy Dean

    Happy Dean is our prison ministry coordinator. She has been going to Mexico for more than 50 years. Jerry Dean, her husband, is a regular leader of the prison ministry as well. Together they empower teams to be successful when they enter to minister in the Mexicali or Ensenada prison.

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