In an effort to make the forms process more efficient, we now customize them with your organization information already included. If you’d like to download a pdf of the 2017 Packet for Group Booking & Registration, it includes generic forms so you can book or register manually by mail as well.

There are two ways to receive your customized forms.

  1. First Book a trip and we will send custom forms automatically.
  2. Forms are emailed to returning groups in early September. If you didn’t receive them, contact us below to request your customized forms.
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4 thoughts on “Forms

  1. Hey, so I marked that my trip has been booked, and I’m pretty sure that it has? The question mark is because I’ve been in communication with you guys about booking a custom trip, and I’ve been told that we have dibs on the blue house in Cuernavaca because we asked first. I just haven’t been able to get a firm answer or much real information about next steps from you guys concerning paperwork etc. Whenever you’re able, I would love to be able to talk through that.
    Thanks! – Eli

    1. Yes, we received your booking for summer1. Our co-worker, Dennys, lives at the blue house I’ll forward your message to him, with the phone and email from info you submitted online. If you need to call or text me direct, my cell is (626) 422-9454.

      blessings, Bob McCorkle

    2. Eli, this is bob again. Actually, you downloaded the packet, but you didn’t actually click on the booking and fill it out and pay online. The downloaded packet is a pdf for your reference and so you can either book or register manually as well. It is easier for you and for us if you book online first. There is no rush at this point. If you have questions let me know.


  2. Can you call me, please? 626-662-3291

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