David Gaulton

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David Gaulton is a worship leader and songwriter from Los Angeles, California whose heart for worship has grown from a young age. He is passionate about worshiping, writing songs, and living his life in a way that would change the world. David’s songwriting emerged during his years at Azusa Pacific University, where he would often spend mornings in the prayer chapel journaling before leading the school in worship. These writings would eventually become the songs on his four all-original albums, Meditations of My Heart (2005), Righteous King (2008), Christ is Born (2009) and Beyond These Walls (2010). In 2006, David had the opportunity to intern with worship leader Tommy Walker (He Knows My Name, Only A God Like You). Learning from Walker’s experience, David’s talent and love for worship flourished. David graduated APU in 2006 with a degree in Commercial Music and quickly landed a job as worship leader at Mission Valley Free Methodist Church.

David is a Ministry Artist with Heavenly Treasures, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing Christian micro enterprises to assist the poor. In partnership with Heavenly Treasures, he has traveled to Africa and Southeast Asia on mission trips and has developed the Heavenly Treasures ‘Changing Lives Tour’ bringing awareness to the poor and oppressed around the world. David combines a penchant for travel with his love for worshipping God through song, and has led worship in the Western United States and internationally in Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, and Cambodia. The title tracks “Righteous King” and “Meditations of My Heart” are covered by Christian artists and performed in churches across the globe, from Southern California to South Africa. “Righteous King” was even featured at Saddleback’s Worship Conference on their 2008 Saddleback Song Seeker CD. David’s sound is complementary to Christian artists such as Paul Baloche and Chris Tomlin, and shades of bands such as Switchfoot. His most recent album, Beyond These Walls, debuted in August of this year and was produced by Steve Marcia, guitarist for Phil Wickham, Francesca Battistelli, Tommy Walker, and the Kry. The inspiring CD calls for churches to shine as a light in a dark world, and was recently featured in Woship Leader Magazine, in which the article praised David’s “simple piano alternates with modern guitars, juxtapositions that mirror Gaulton’s lyrical call for believers to be the Church and reach outside of its walls”. David’s passion, talent, and genuine desire to spread the word and love of Jesus is evident in this music, with each song encouraging and challenging the Church today.


    Peter Neumann

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    I was born in Cameroon, Africa to missionary parents. My mom says I kicked in the womb during worship times at church, so this whole worship thing got started pretty early for me. Eventually we made our way to Riverside, CA and that’s where my youth pastor at Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church asked me to lead worship for youth group. I said yes and it was pretty awkward at first, but it got me started on an amazing journey...Since then I’ve had the privilege of leading worship and experiencing God at work all over the world. At churches, camps and conference centers around America, on mission trips to South America and Europe, under the stars on a hillside in Mexico, on Sunday mornings at my home church --- I’ve seen the Lord work powerfully and seen His people respond to Him in worship. Perhaps you’ve been there with me and know what I’m talking about. He’s pretty great, isn’t He?

    I wake up every day so grateful for His love and the many ways He’s shown that to me. I’m thankful that He walked this earth, died and rose so that I could have a relationship with Him, the source of life and love Himself, forever. He allowed me to marry the woman of my dreams, Katie, on February 10, 2007. We’re still newlyweds! I get to work at a fantastic church, Bayside Church in Woodland, CA, as the Celebration Arts Pastor. I lead worship and oversee the 60 volunteers on our music, sound, lighting, stage, visual arts, and set up teams. God’s opened doors for me to lead worship around the world. He made a way for me to record CD’s and a live worship DVD. Those are some things I’m grateful for. I could go on and on. Thanks for reading a little of my story.


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