Ministry coordinators

Amelia Rattan

Amelia is one of the founders of Mexico Outreach. We honor her for all her years of faithful service as missionary to Mexicali, Mexico. the Mexico Outreach staff calls her "La Reina" or "The Queen" in english. She helps out with ministry coordinators in Mexicali and from time to time comes to Ensenada for our summer events.

    Sandy Van Iwaarden

    First Aid station coordinator

    Sandy coordinates the First Aid stations for all our trips. There are multiple avenues of ministry under Team Luke such as our clinic, hospice, hybrid, and special needs teams who work with national doctors and agencies in developing quality wellness programs.

    If you are a medical professional and are interested in a ministry that enables both the body and soul to be impacted please feel free to contact Sandy. You will not be the same!

    Happy Dean

    Happy Dean is our prison ministry coordinator. She has been going to Mexico for more than 50 years. Jerry Dean, her husband, is a regular leader of the prison ministry as well. Together they empower teams to be successful when they enter to minister in the Mexicali or Ensenada prison.

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