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Calendar of Upcoming Events

Fall 2015

2015, Sep. 18, Freshman/Transfers Alumni BBQ
2015, Sept. 25-26, Ministry Brigade
2015, Oct. 8-11, NYWC, San Diego
2015, Oct. TBD, Sacramento Zone Luncheon
2015, Oct. TBD, San Francisco Zone Luncheon
2015, Oct. 30-31, Ministry Brigade
2015, Nov. 19-22, NYWC, Louisville
2015, Nov. 25-29, Thanksgiving

 New for 2016


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Christ said I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly. He also calls us to serve one another. I think the reason the program is so impactful for me, and for our students, is because we go down to serve others and focus solely on ministry. Read full testimonial…

Nobody does student missions as well as APU. During the winter months, as we prepare for this trip, this pretty much becomes our youth ministry. Veteran students sell the trip to their friends, and I don’t see any way that we could stop participating in this trip!

Mexico Outreach has had a unique and amazing impact on the lives of our students and adults each and every year we have participated! The amazing God blessing of this week is that it is a win, win. Read full testimonial…

Our week in Mexico is a very big part of our youth ministry… It gives uncommitted students the perfect opportunity to step forward into an active faith, and it gives committed students the perfect opportunity to find out about who they are and who God made them to be in the Kingdom.

Mexico Outreach and our church’s partnership with APU is, without doubt, one of the greatest contributing factors to the facilitation of our young people’s yearning to self-examine and strengthen their spiritual journeys. Read full testimonial…

I’ve worked with several different youth ministries. All of them had great students. But with my youth group going to Mexicali, I have seen some great leadership development, lives changed, hearts softened, eyes opened, etc. These students will carry with them forever what they learned in Mexicali.

Teens grow up and usually are rebellious, ignorant, and stubborn; but through Mexico Outreach you see so many adult characteristics in them it’s crazy, Christ is growing their faith and maturity.

Mexico Outreach is a focal point of our student ministry each year. The students that are bold enough to attend tend to after the trip, take Jesus more seriously and share a bond with one another that the other students simply do not have. Read full testimonial…

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APU’s Mexico Outreach is one of the most spiritually impacting experiences our students at Village Christian look forward to each year. Mexico Outreach helps launch our students into future service and kingdom-minded living in college and beyond.

We love Jesus!