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Tent Crew for 45 Years!

2015-45-year-anniversaryMy first year was 1983! I was a student at APU and some friends in the dorm said, “Come with us and help on TENT CREW.” I pictured my idea of what a tent crew was and I was completely off. Eddy Calderwood, Director of Mexico Outreach, still to this day goes down early on “tent crew” to set up the base camps for the arrival of groups from around the country. It’s a fun tradition! We set up a few tents, but most of the work involved getting the kitchen in place, security set up, and always a taco run or two! I made some lifetime friends during those trips.

45-year-front-office-3We are celebrating 45 years of mobilizing churches and schools! Thanks to all of the event staff who made this possible! WE APPRECIATE YOU! THESE 45 YEARS are for YOU!

Bob McCorkle, Senior Coordinator



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  1. What an honor this has been…and the friendships have lasted a lifetime! The gray shirt there in the picture was the very first team shirt. The campers brought their own T or sweatshirtshirt to the info center and left it to be “silk screened”…then picked it up in the evening. In those days we never imagined there would be a yearly Team shirt, or a Barnabas team (barnabas shirt included)…then came shirts for Security, Team Luke (the medical team) and for several years Staff shirts…then came the Barna dude and Barna babe (where a guy and a gal were chosen from the entire camp and they received a Barnabas shirt and were honorary Barnabas team members). It has been a real TRIP!

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