Merry Christmas

from the staff at Azusa Pacific University’s Mexico Outreach.

We give honor to Jesus first, to obey Him with clear purpose. John 12:1-8
Honor: With the right heart we give honor to the Lord first and to others.
Care: With the right heart we give care to the Lord first and to others.
Intention: With the right heart we make intentional decisions to obey Jesus.
Purpose: With the right heart our purpose is clear, to care about what Christ cares about.

Full-Time Staff

Eddy Calderwood

Mexico Outreach

Eddy oversees Mexico Outreach as part of the Center for Student Action at Azusa Pacific University.  Eddy began his journey with Mexico Outreach back in 1979 as he helped lead a team that served the community of Ejido Mezquital.  Since then he has attended APU and served full time on staff for more than 30 years.  Please contact him if you would like to serve in Mexico on a team or on the Event Staff.

Student Ministry Coordinators

Ministry Coordinators

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