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Participating teams are assigned a ministry site, which usually is a local Mexican church. Sometimes there are inner-city program sites available like rehab centers and orphanages. A sample ministry day uses 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for ministry time on site. Most of our outreach events in Mexico include five days of ministry.

Teams should be prepared to offer several levels of involvement, namely with children, youth, and adults. For a basic beginning schedule, we suggest that teams choose children’s ministry in the mornings, youth sports in the afternoon, and adult services in the early evenings. This arrangement will vary based on the needs of the Mexican church to which the teams are assigned, but it affords the team the best beginning point to build relationships at multiple levels.

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Children’s Ministry

Daily time commitment: 3 hours

We recommend that you prepare for about 50 Mexican kids, but the quantity of kids varies per site and your level of involvement in the neighborhood. We’ve seen groups with as few as 20 kids and groups with as many as 150 kids. A two-hour program is more than enough time to tire out everyone involved. Please also allow time for setup and cleanup. The components of this ministry are just like doing VBS at your own church. You could share Bible stories, crafts, songs, games, and testimonies. We suggest a snack and drink be given as a break for kids, just like you would do in the United States.

Hosting a children’s ministry can stretch your team and their talents. There will be those special moments when a Mexican child will look up and ask, “Why did you come here to play with us?” It is in those moments that your group will have the opportunity to tell them that Jesus sent you and that He loves them.

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Women’s Ministry

Daily time commitment: varies

The adult women of the community are often available during the day. A Bible study and craft go a long way in encouraging the women. We suggest this ministry for advanced teams who have adequate numbers. Women’s ministry can go on at the same time as the children’s ministry.

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Youth Sports Ministry

Daily time commitment: 2 hours

Usually done in the early afternoon when the older youth are out of school, teams play sports and games in a field, park, or at their ministry site. The challenge of this ministry is to stop periodically and use the breaks in the game to share about Jesus.

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Adult Ministry: Evening Worship Service

Daily time commitment: varies

Each team, working together with a Mexican church, could have the opportunity to have an early evening service (or Bible study) for the adults of the area. Be ready for the possibility of one every night where you’ll have the opportunity to share your testimonies. Some Mexican pastors will ask you to lead worship, too. Be prepared to sing adult worship songs and to share special music even in English.


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Community Projects (Mano Hermana)

Daily time commitment: usually a half day

Usually a community project consists of cleaning parks, painting tree trunks, weeding fields, etc. These are community outreaches to the city. Any work project will cost some extra money. Simple cleaning and painting are fairly inexpensive; all you need are gloves and minimal tools.

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Work Projects

Daily time commitment: usually all day

Most work projects will require you to raise money for the equipment and supplies. Common projects include room additions, bathrooms, foundations, and roof work. We suggest not taking on a big work project until after you’ve had time to build a solid relationship with your Mexican church hosts.

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Special Teams

Daily time commitment: varies

Special teams make themselves available to travel to several ministry sites throughout the outreach event. These teams range from a puppet team, drama team, mime team, or any team that can share its skill with multiple ministry sites. One of the most common is a drama team. We suggest these special teams be very evangelistic in their message.

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Event Staff

Daily time commitment: usually all day

Without the event staff that volunteer each year, Mexico Outreach would not be able to facilitate the needs of the thousands who participate. Please call or email our office if you want to help as event staff: (626) 812-3027,

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