Leader’s Training Guide

This guide gives suggestions on how to use the “Training and Event Journal”. Each participant will receive a journal for their missions trip.

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Information in this 8 page digital pdf includes:

Why We Let You Train Yourselves
Over the years we’ve seen that most every group wants to train themselves. You know your group and you know what hurdles and strengths exist within your group. So, with that said, our goal is to give you a framework that you can modify for your needs. We are committed to ensuring you have freedom in how you want to train your group. We value your opinion and appreciate feedback in order to make this missions experience the best it can be.

How You Can Use The Training and Event Journal
Each team member should receive one.
Use it as a journal: Document the entire experience. We’ve tried to be intentional in increasing white space for journal entries and note taking. Use it for training: This Leader’s Training Guide will attempt to give you ideas for integrating the Training and Event Journal into your training. We encourage you to modify everything we give you to fit the need of your ministry site(s) and your group.

Training Meeting Key Elements
The general areas to cover in training sessions are listed below:
Prayer. Find ideas in the Prayer Guide.
Vision. Find ideas in the Training Guide.
Team Activity. Find ideas in the Training Guide.
Logistics. See the Leader Manual: Quick Start Guide.
Culture. Find ideas in the Training Guide.
Spanish Words. Find ideas in the Resource Center tab online.
Spanish Songs. Find ideas in the Resource Center tab online.
Ministry Areas. Find ideas in the Ministry Guide.